Mara Yetter, CMT

Human Feelings Matter



   I work intuitively to meet my client at a feeling level, and create a safe, direct connection that includes communication beyond words -- we meet in our breathing together, our exploration of where sensations draw us in to focus attention.  It is a dynamic unfolding and spiraling open, of muscle and connective tissues finding equanimity.  Spontaneous unwinding occurs through our combined healing intention - I feel your tension release as your body's responses move my hands. 

Each treatment is unique.  If you wish to feel fully met and understood, without impositions, so that you can complete the movements where you feel 'stuck' and confused,  this is the kind of work I do.  I offer a comfortable, supported position from which your body and mind's resistance can unlock safely.  We do this together, me reading your responses, you present and curious to know yourself deeply. 

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